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02/17/2014 20:26

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01/02/2014 10:23

The Diary Comes Out Smokin'

06/04/2013 18:00
It's has only been a month since the release of Walters' highly anticipated CD "Diary of a Bad Blues Man". The Title, however may be a bit misleading to those that aren't familiar with the blues man. This project is the begining of what Walter describes as his " Release". The CD has done excellent...

Maverick Wins Best Soul Blues Album 2012

01/08/2013 19:37
Maverick Won Best Soul Blues Album 2012!!! Thankyou all for voting. Because of me learning about the nomination so late....I didn't think voters had enough time. I have the best fans, supporters Period! Your votes made the committee....YOU. As an independent artist operating outside...

The Music Store Is Open for Business!!

09/13/2012 18:22
Hello Friends!         After weeks of preparation, We are proud to announce that items are now available for purchase on this site. You can now purchase the sometimes hard to find music from your favorite Bluesman on the rise. Yes!!!! "Just Me",...

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